Welcome To KS Website Designs

Thanks for checking out my site! I’m Kim creator of KS Website Design. I am a Freelance Web developer from Ireland and I am currently based in Bali, Indonesia but working globally as I love to travel.

I am extremely passionate about creating an online space for your business to grow. Having an online presence is more important for your business then ever before and the need is only increasing. A website can generate new customers by enabling you to reach a global audience, increase your revenue by adding an online shop to sell Digital and physical products. A website can offer you to sell an online course, membership area to sell premium content. A website can also save you valuable time by having a booking calendar system that allows customers to select a time that suits them within your desired hours. 

We can work together to create a customised highly responsive functional and aesthetically pleasing website to show off your brand while generating more income and save you valuable time. Sound good? Let me help your business reach it’s full potential, Get in touch and lets make a plan to get you online!

Our Mission

To create a highly responsive functional and aesthetically pleasing website that allows you to enhance your business online. We want to help small and medium businesses that are looking to build success online by increasing your revenue and save you valuable time.

Our Vision

Our purpose is to build you a bespoke customised website just as you envision. Our ultimate design and development goal is to create an enjoyable and informative interactive user experience through easy-to-use navigation and attractive graphics.

Our Philosophy

Your website can be one of your most powerful marketing tools where in some cases, potential clients will be meeting you for the first time. Where you get about three seconds to capture the attention of your audience, it becomes imperative to use captivating colors, concise text and thought-provoking images.
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